bulletproof (early) afternoon tea

I am loving my new ketogenic¬†lifestyle… Been reading all about bulletproof coffee of late and didn’t quite fancy that, given that I generally feel much better off caffeine, so I thought to try it with black tea instead, which just gives me a “milder buzz” and comes loaded with theaflavins, a really powerful family of antioxidant compounds that are able to cross the blood/brain barrier. Judging by the fact that our body only allows very few substances to cross that all-important barrier, I’m reassured that black tea is good for me. Plus I love a good cup of Twinnings Afternoon Tea, because it’s lovely and deliciously gentle to the palate. So I decided to give leave the Bulletproof Green Tea experiment for another day, and conjured up the following concoction instead:

1. Boiling filtered water, enough to fill a medium size (4 mugs) china teapot.

2. 2 bags of Twinnings Afternoon Tea

3. Left to brew for 2 minutes and take out

4. Added 25g (1/5 of a pack) of unsalted butter. In true EpiPaleo style, it must be churned from milk from grass-fed animals… most likely cows… Organic ideally, but “passive organic”, i.e. known to be organic, but not certified as such, is good enough… Kerrygold, Yeo Valley, Jersey (or Guernsey) unsalted varieties would do.

5. 1 large tablespoon of raw organic coconut oil as a source of Medium Chain Triglycerides.

6. 100mls of raw milk. Failing raw, Sainsbury’s “Taste the Difference” unhomogenised milk from Jersey breed cows is as close as you can get. And it’s deliciously fatty… again, it is imperative that whichever milk you use comes from grass-fed animals… You can find out where your nearest farm stocking raw milk is by clicking here.

7.¬†I then stuck my finger blender into the teapot and proceeded to blend until I created a foamy and deliciously creamy cup of tea…

I’m drinking whilst working away at the computer, having “fasted” from last night at 6pm. I’ll have another 2 cups until I eat again at 6pm tonight as part of my version of intermittent fasting

Intrigued? Want to try? Need advice? Drop me an email now.

Have a great afternoon!


Caution: highly addictive…